• James Cameron was living in his car when he  was writing his first screenplay, which was The Terminator.He sold its rights for $1 on one condition that he would direct it.

  •  In 1977 James Cameron quit his job as the truck driver to enter the film industry after he watched Star Wars for the first time.

  • OJ Simpson was considered to play the role of terminator , but James Cameron could no imagine a nice guy like Simpson playing the role of Terminator.The role was finally given to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Arnold was originally considered to play Kyle Reese in the movie Terminator, but after reading the script he asked Cameron for the role of Terminator ,the machine and asked Cameron to trust him.James Cameron trusted and the rest became history. 

  • James Cameroon along with 50 of his crew members were admitted to hospital during the shooting of titanic after a  person put PCP in the soup that they drank.The Culprit was never found.
    James Cameron  on  the set of Titanic  

  • Cameron sketched Jack's portrait of rose in the movie Titanic