Here are some lesser known facts about the world's largest wrestling promotion , World Wrestling Entertainment.

  • WWE stores all its footage  in a nuclear proof vault.

  • WWE books is a subsidiary of WWE that mainly publishes autobiographies of WWE superstars , books on behind the scene in the company etc.
WWE headquarters located in Stamford Connecticut,USA 

  • An American Football League funded by WWE shut down after its first season because of  financial loss due to less public response  and lower TV ratings.

  • World Bodybuilding Federation was launched in 1990 by  titan  sports , the parent company of  WWE .It promoted bodybuilding through TV shows pay per views etc.It was  discontinued in 1992.

  • The reason for the creation of the two roasters in WWE  . smackdown and RAW was due to the over abundance of talent left over from the invasion story line in 2002